chatty knees

Eclipses Group Theater, in collaboration with the dance group Vis Motrix, presents the new work of Sasha Natsi

Premiere: January 30, 2015

"Is anybody here; The door is open."

Two young people break into a dilapidated mansion, in which lie the remains of an artistic genius who, like a broken toy in its absolute desolation, agonizes over its place in life and art.

Their love game is interrupted, as the open door leads them into a sharp dispute about the relationship of artist to man, man to artist.

"This ability of yours to mythologize these creatures and worship them is my nightmare."

Who is the man behind the artist? Who is the face behind the mask? What is true and what is false? In a world full of personas - verbal, behavioral and emotional, social and political - viewers are invited to feel their own truth, to seek their own answers to the questions posed by the show.

Centered on the man-artist, "Chatty knees" is an allegory for human vanity, for man's perpetual pursuit of conquering life, rather than experiencing it.

"Let's see...With what monologue you will hide your misery today...With how many applauses you will cover your cries of despair."

Balancing deftly between various theatrical genres, "Chatty knees" is a performance with particular humor and strong elements of self-sarcasm aimed at a wide audience with the aim of stimulating their imagination and provoking the image space that presupposes movement, so that to co-exist, move and co-feel in an eerie-impersonal world.

"Let's see...With what monologue you will hide your misery today...With how many applauses you will cover your cries of despair."

Creative Team

Playwright: Sasha Natsi
Director: Grigoris Papadopoulos
Set-Costume Designer: Lea Koussi
Music composed by Yannis Momtsios
Light Designer: Maria Lazaridou & Kelly Efraimidou
Movement – choreography: Kostas Gerardos
Video – Performance trailer: Savvas Katirtzidis & Kyriakos Nohoutidis
Assistant director: Nikos Ortezatos
Set Constructions: Kostas Paschalidis
Special constructions: Mary Enislidou
Costume making: Eleni Hassioti
Poster design: Yiannis Vogiatzopoulos
Communication & Public Relations: Lia Kesopoulou & Maria Totska


Kostas Gerardos (man),
Aigli Katsiki (young woman),
Dimitris Ontos (young man)

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