exit- "please, wait"

A well-groomed bluff or a nightmare? And then...
What is Henri Charlotte anyway? Perpetrator or victim? Guilty or innocent?

Premiere: October 1, 2015

The play tells the story of the famous eagle-eyed advertising man Mr Henri Charlotte. Quirky, eccentric and glamorous, he visits the office of the famous artist Michel and waits for him in order to sign a colossal deal between them. A business deal that will launch him into the position of Grand Director. While he waits he "rehearses" his words, shows off, prepares and ..still waits! He imagines him arriving at any moment and starts a game of ideological showdown with him. A game of mind and power. In fact, it triggers within him a psychological adventure that - while Michel delays - confronts him with images and dreams of the past. It then begins, a journey of introspection that crosses the chasms of time and ends in an expressionist nightmare.... Thus unfolds before us the whole suffocating society that surrounds us within it. Our neuroses, our unfulfilled desires, our anxieties, our anguish, our inhumanity.  It sounds "dark" but it is given in a comic way! And with plenty of grotesque notes!

Will Mr. Henri Charlotte manage to stop time?
And if so, what would be best for him?
to turn back the wheels or to go forward?

Creative Team

Playwright: Penelope Christopoulou
Directed by: Mr. Henri Charlotte
Assistant director: Fotini Timotheou
Art Direction - Set Designer: Marina Gkoumla
Lighting Designer: Polyvios Serdaris
Graphics-Poster design: Georgios Dernikas
Production Management and Communication: Maria Totska


Grigoris Papadopoulos

The performance "EXIT- Please, wait" is hosted at the festival of the Municipality of Thessaloniki "Theatrical Voices of the City 2016".

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