A dream trip with suitcases, sounds and music. A musical trap with music old and new, familiar and beloved...

Premiere: February 8, 2010

"At nights, when I was very young,
in the black veils of darkness
shadows black and measles
they skilfully glided across the blue walls of my childhood room,
tiptoed to the edge of my bed,
they were crouching next to my ear
and my dreams were whispering to me"

Somehow the little elves GREMANDOS appear somewhere in the middle of the night while we sleep, they come to our side and whisper in our ear the dreams we want to see and live.
A musical journey for each of us to discover with the help of the little elves our own dreams and try to make them come true.

Upheavals, surprises and improvisations on stage, make up a subversive musical two-hour program for strong nerves.

Creative Team

Director/Concept/Playwright: Nikos Ortezatos
Orchestration: Kostas Givisis
Styling: Anastasio Pantso
Communication-Public Relations: Maria Totska


Nikos Ortezatos

Other performers

Kostas Givisis (Piano)
Nikos Christidis (Bouzouki-Guitar)
Avnjel Laska (Piano -2010)

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