Heide Heide "The Fisherman and the mad-publican"

An unusual troupe decides to tell a story in its own way!

Premiere: December 5, 2014

Once upon a time...
What happens when a fisherman wrangles in his nets a deranged publican imprisoned in a jar for 400 years? When an evil doctor wants the evil of the King of Tum? When a lake full of different colored fish opens the bag of Aeolus of an otherworldly story? When a sultan wants to outdo Sherlock Holmes? When a wall gives love to a cook? When a faint-hearted prince has filled his palace with tears? When three slave girls see injustice but prefer to eat bananas?

With imagination, madness and love all problems are overcome and fairy tales know this well... and that's how they lived well and we lived better.

Creative Team

Theatrical Adaptation: Kostas Varnalis
Directing - Choreography: Nikos Ortetzatos
Scenography: The whole troupe!
Costumes: Everything we find in front of us!
Music teaching: Eleonora Aivazidou
Music and lyrics to the song "I am the genie": Xenia Petmeza
Music and lyrics to the song "Oh fortune!": Eleonora Aivazidou
Ethical and technical support: Eleni Gkiura
Public Relations: Maria Totska
Production: Eclipses Group Theater - Vis Motrix


Xenia Petmeza: Narrator, Maid, Brother, Slave 1
Ares Vevis: Fisherman, Prince I, Wild Arab
Konstantina Antonopoulou: Customs, Queen, Girl, Slave 2
Michael Nikolaou: Vizier, Sultan
Pepi Kei: King of Tum, Cook, Slave 3
Marianthi Mota: Duban, Prince II
A large crowd of extras: The whole troupe

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