love is a crazy fool

In this music and dance story, the fight is excruciatingly bloody but at the same time wildly entertaining.

Premiere: 11 Μαΐου 2015

And the clock shows... 12:00 midnight.
And yet it's not New Year's Eve.
And yet it's not the time when the ghosts come out.
Nor is it the time when Cinderella runs and forgets her magic slipper!
It's just our luck that she's moved across the street to the chippy across the street.
It's our Muse who's fed up.
It's love that's disgusted and deserted us.
Movies, books, paintings, paintings, pieces of music... Everywhere there is a love story hidden. Small or big, but each with its own secrets. What would the world around us be like without love, without muses, without inspiration? A touch of magic in the monotony of everyday life...

Goal one: to bring inspired love back into people's lives.
You? Will you throw yourself into battle body and soul?

Creative Team

Playwright: Konstantinos Palazis - Nikos Ortetzatos
Director's baguette: Nikos Ortezatos
Voice of Musa: Marina Gkoumla
Voice of Love: Grigoris Papadopoulos
Communication-Public Relations: Maria Totska


Nikos Ortezatos

Other performers

Piano: Konstantinos Givisis
Guitar-bouzouki: Nikos Christidis

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