Souyoul... for a night

A musical theater performance reminiscent of a good old revue.

Premiere: February 9, 2017

The theatre stage becomes a stage! It evokes memories of another era. That of romantic waltzes, of wonderful tango, but also of folk and archetypal rebetiko songs that gave the world moments of emotion and celebration!

A man with musical intelligence and a radiant personality who was respected by his colleagues and loved by the world. Michalis Sougioul, people who were milestones in his life and well-known personalities of the music scene of the time "come alive" on stage and narrate events and situations starting from the birth of this great artist (1906) and ending with his death (1958). A music-theatrical performance reminiscent of a good old revue.

Four actors, in a sweeping role reversal, dance and sing along with a three-piece orchestra, offering wonderful melodies and unique moments, thus completing a spectacle that will take you on a journey. A creator who, for over half a century after his absence, continues to move the audience with his music and generously gives songs full of moods and emotions, like a contemporary.

As long as there are people, rhythm and music, the songs of Michael Sougioul will accompany us and keep alive in our memory the presence of this great creator with his musical genius and radiant personality.

The unforgettable "The birds are chirping for us", the revolutionary "Children, the Children of Greece", the tender "Let your hair down", the rebetiko "The last tram", the festive "The instruments have started" as well as the melancholic "Let you were coming for a while" are just a few of the songs that have remained and will remain unforgettable. One of the most important Greek composers.

Creative Team

Playwright - Direction: Nikos Ortezatos
Costume Designer: Marina Gkoumla
Music Supervising - Orchestration: Konstantinos Givisis
Choreography: Asteris Natsios
Assistant Director: Zoe Stefanidou


Maria Alexandridou
Yannis Varvaresos
Dimitris Dagalis
Yannis Mastroyiannis
Michael Nikolaou

Other performers

Piano: Konstantinos Givisis
Guitar-Bouzouki: Theodoros Tzikas
Guitar-Bouzouki: Fanis Tsokanas (2017-2018)
Violin: Nikos Tsakalides
Violin: Nikos Koutouris

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