Starstruck - The Love Show

A hilarious music and dance performance that satirizes modern Greek reality by presenting a story of hope and optimism. The tale of a modern, Greek Cinderella. The story of the glorious, star-struck Margarita Dalon!

Premiere: June 7, 2014

Everyone is waiting with bated breath to witness the phenomenon.
However, in a poor house, in a dirty alley of Athens, at that moment a little girl, Margarita, is born.
Her fate was to be marred by the appearance of the comet Astero. She grew up hard and poor but honest, living with the dream of one day becoming a great musical theater star.
In a way, we learn the story of Margarita the Starstruck... How she was born, how she grew up, who gave her the first supplies to go on stage, about her first loves and how she leaves mother and homeland to go where fate finally calls her…
in Hollywood!
A musical dance theater performance with many surprises, twists and turns of roles. The turbulent life of Margarita, takes flesh and bones before the eyes of the spectators through sketches, improvisations, songs from musicals, operettas and covers of foreign and Greek songs!

Humor, fate, fantasy...
Scientists from all over the world have gathered at the cape of Oia to watch the rare celestial phenomenon which will only be visible from Greece.
The huge comet Astero, which is heading towards Earth at a speed of more than 20 kilometers per second and has a diameter of one kilometer, will pass very close to it.

Creative Team

Director/Concept/Playwright/Lyrics: Nikos Ortezatos
Music Supervising and Teaching: Kostas Givisis
Costume Designer: Marina Gkoumla
Choreography: Stavros Varousis
Light Designer: Polyvios Serdaris
Photos: Grigoris Papadopoulos
Communication-Public Relations: Maria Totska


Margarita Daloni: Aigli Katsiki
Porquehola, Vasiliki, medium, Spanish sailor: Nikos Ortezatos
Compere, Journalist, Sotiris: Thanos Feretzelis

Other performers

Piano: Kostas Givisis
Bouzouki-Guitar: Tryfonas Dovas

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