the black water

A mysterious atmosphere, with touches of magic realism and black comedy.

Premiere: December 15, 2012

The story takes place in a desolated rural farm, and follows the lives of two orfan children (a boy and a girl), who grew up without parental supervision. They let the farm be ruined, denying the reality and creating a strange world to live in. In their parents' absence, children often choose to impersonate them or better still, to become them, perpetuating the circle of Sin-Punishment. The arrival of a lawyer will upset, will question, will try to change this world, to "ruin everything". Fourth person in the play a nanny, a vigilant observer, a "shadow" who crosses the whole play with a mysterious and almost sacred power. The play has drama elements as well as archetypic symbols which are referred to the great ancient tragedies. "The Black Water" is full of a strange, and mysterious atmosphere, with touches of magic realism and black comedy.

"S: One of these days, the water will come spurting out. I know it will! A shining fountain.
 F: And we 'll close all the doors...
 S: And all the windows...
 F: And the house will fill with water!
 S: Rooms like caves!
 F: We 'll grow... scales... and fins.
 S: And we 'll swim around like fish!"

Creative Team

Playwright: Reza De Wet
Translator/Director: Eleonora Aivazidou
Set-Costume Designer: Marina Gkoumla
Composer: Michalis Sionas
Light Designer: Polyvios Serdaris
Director's Assistant: Matina Koulourioti
Production Manager: Christos Athinelis


Maria Hatziioannidou
Grigoris Papadopoulos
Mara Tsikara
Alexandros Zafiriadis

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