the Troupe

the secret of the wind

Premiere: May 3, 2019

"On a cold winter's night, a troupe, obviously old now, enjoys the evening listening to music. In the air lingers the melancholy music from a Chopin nocturne. Until Marigot Castellanou, a great lady of the theatre and vaudeville, bursts into the room, imperiously saying that it is time for rehearsal. No one seems to pay much attention to her. Another evening when Marigot wants to rehearse for a non-existent premiere. Everyone knows the secret. But no one tells her. And she continues to live the dream until the moment of the fateful revelation. A revelation that will bring Marigot face to face with the truth. The truth she's been dreading for years to look into her eyes."

Five people, five personalities completely different from each other come together at the stubborn urging of Marigot Castellanos, creating a difficult yet wonderful journey of an ambitious troupe. A whirlwind of moments that lead to the tragic revelation that a man of the theatre never wants to admit or face.

Through the research of the historical troupe and the exploration of the entire culture of the era, the show wishes to highlight the historical value of the wandering troupe at the beginning of the 20th century, but also the history and culture of the wider Greek province through the outline of the life of a great lady of the theatre and all her fellow travellers.

Everyone knows the secret.
But no one tells her.
And she continues to live the dream...

until the moment of the fatal revelation.

Creative Team

Playwright - Direction: Nikos Ortezatos
Set & Costume Designer: Marina Gkoumla
Lighting Designer: Polyvios Serdaris
Music composed by Konstantinos Givisis
Assistant director: Zoe Stefanidou
Public relations: Eleni Scarpou
Assistant Set designer: Christina Thalassa
Sound equipment: Kokkinidis Dimitris
Video art: Yotis Vrantzas
Graphic editing: Konstantinos Paschos


Maria Alexandridou
Marina Gkoumla
Dimitris Dagalis
Michael Nikolaou
Maria Rapanda

Other performers

Musicians on stage:
Konstantinos Givisis, Nikos Stavropoulos, Nikos Kouthouris

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